Machine for the production of disposable masks

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Automatic machine to produce the facial masks and to weld the facial mask by ultrasound. Only 2 people are needed to operate on the line. It has a production efficiency: 110 masks / minute with product dimensions (mask): 175 mm (length) * 95 mm (width).

High-speed Flat Earband Mask Full Automatic Production Line

It is an automatic machine to produce the finished face mask ,and to weld face mask by ultrasonic .From material feeding for produce face mask blank to welding the ear-loop, this machine integrate 1 set face mask bank machine with 2 sets outside ear-loop machine by the mask distribution system ,so that improved its automation. Only 2 person are needed to operate.


Producing medical flat masks laminated with three layers of fabric.

Macchina per produzione mascherine monouso


Tecnical details
  • Production efficiency: 110 tablets / minute
  • Product (mask) size: 175mm (length) * 95mm (width)
  • Equipment size: 6.8 meters (length) * 4 meters (width) * 2 meters (height)
  • Equipment color: RAL9001
  • Equipment weight: ≤5000KG, floor load 2000KG / ㎡
  • Working power: 220VAC ± 5%, 50Hz, rated power about 10KW
  • Air source: 0.5-0.8MPa, flow rate is about 350L / min
  • Environment: temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃, humidity 5 ~ 35% HR, non-flammable, rot gas, no dust (cleanliness no less than 100,000)
  • Qualification rate: 98% (excluding raw material problems and improper personnel operations)
Electrical components
  • PLC: Youngsun
  • Sensor: P+F/Omron/SICK
  • Touch Screen: Youngsun
  • Servo: Siemens
  • Solid state power: Omron
  • Inverter: Schneider
  • Cylinder: SMC
  • Air switch: Schneider
  • Temperature controller: Omron
  • Power switch: Schneider
  • Button: Schneider

Reference data of matched materials are as follows:

Mascherine monouso produzione

SS dark non-woven fabrics-usded by outer layer
  • Material weight: 25 gr/square
  • Material width: 200 mm
  • Length: 175 mm/pcs –
  • Weight: 0.875G/pcs –
  • Remark: green,blue,black etc.
White melt - sprayed non - woven by filter layer
  • Material weight: 22 g/square
  • Material width:180 mm
  • Length: 175 mm/pcs
  • Weight: 0.693 G/pcs
  • Remark:filter index 90%,95%,99.99%,can select material according to customer’s request.material width 175 mm also can be used.
SS light or white non-woven fabrics-usded by inner layer
  • Material weight: 25 g/square
  • Material width: 210 mm
  • Length: 175 mm/pcs
  • Weight: 0.91875G/pcs
  • Remark: can select 20 g/square ,but the mask will be softer.
Nose bar
  • Length: 100MM/pcs
  • Remark: made by plastic or iron,suggest to select the plastic with iron wire,it can be more straight.
Elastic ear belt
  • 300mm Length: 300 mm/pcs
  • 150mm*2=300mm
  • Remark: 150MM* 2=300 mm/ pcs



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Production of disposable masks

Machine for the production of disposable masks