Automatic taping machine Corner Tape 50 TBB

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The Corner Tape 50 CF taping machine is an automatic machine to be used on completely automatic lines without the supervision of an operator. The taping machine can also tap the 4 edges of the box. Equipped with inlet and outlet rollers, it is a simple and practical packing station. The drives are of the pneumatic type and the electronic management is governed by SIEMENS® PLC.


Automatic taping machine that hermetically seals the four sides of the box.

The Corner Tape 50 TBB automatic taping machine is a manual sizing machine for different formats. Automatically drag and tape the top and bottom sides of the cardboard box. The operator sets the machine adjustments according to the dimensions of the inserted box, varying the width and height of the drive belts. Push the box (previously taped in the central part above and below) towards the direction of entry. At this point the motorized rollers will guide the box towards the sensor that will activate the pusher, transferring it 90 ° with respect to insertion.

Automatic taping machine Corner Tape 50 TBB

The four taping heads will seal laterally by applying 4 “U” strips and a system of air cylinders will activate to lower the edges of the tape and hermetically seal the box on all sides. This taping machine can also be inserted in automatic lines not manned by operators.

  • Weight: 480 kg
  • Power supply: 220 Volts 50 /60 Hz
  • Environmental humidity conditions ≤ 90%
  • Box transfer speed: 19 mt / min
  • Air Supply: 5 kgf / cm2
  • Air consuption: 11 L/min
  • Use temperature: + 0 ° C to + 40 ° C
  • Maximum box weight: 35 kg
  • Maximum Noise: 75 db
  • Electrical protection: IP 54
  • Adhesive tape: Kraft, polypropylene, PVC
  • Standard taping head: 50 – 75 mm
  • Working table height: 600 – 750 mm
  • Installed power: 1,00 Kw
Formato scatole nastratrice automatica
Formato nastri adesivo per nastratrice automatica

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Additional information

Machine size

L 2168 x W 1373 x H 1335 – 1485 mm

Net weight

480 Kg.

Power supply

220 Volt 1Ph

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

1 Kw

Air pressure

6 bar

Air consumption

11 Nlitri/min.

Adhesive tape

Kraft, polipropilene, pvc

Sealing speed

4/6 scatole/min.

Transfer speed

19 mt/min

Working table height

H 600/750 mm

Dimension Min. product

L 340 x W 200 x H 200 mm

Max product size

L 670 x W 470 x H 500 mm

Type of boxes

American type

Nastratrice automatica Corner Tape 50 TBB

Automatic taping machine Corner Tape 50 TBB