Automatic case erector Speed Former 50 SB Servo

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The Speed Former 50 SB Servo is automatic case erector equipped with a warehouse with a capacity of 80/90 cartons. It automatically performs the forming and the lower and upper taping of the cardboard. It is powered both by air and by current and has a production speed of 12 minute boxes. Machine available on request also in ASI 304 stainless steel.


Macchina formacartoni automatica corredata di 4 servomotori per la gestione del formato scatola.

Semi-automatic case former machine for American type boxes with the function of folding the four bottom flaps and supporting them during the filling operation by the operator. The box is inserted at an angle by pressing
downwards to fold the front and back flaps. Then it is pushed forwards in order to activate the lateral flap closer by a pneumatic control which keeps the bottom closed, facilitating the filling operation. Once finished, the
operator closes the four upper flaps manually and accompanies the box to the sealing station; the operation is facilitated by the sliding of the box on the roller conveyor. The EASY FORM 50, combined to a carton sealer and
to an outfeed roller, represents a compact and productive semi-automatic packaging line.

Layout formacartoni Speed Former 50 SB Servo

Adjustments can be applied to the width and length of the box, the width of the box during the taping phase as well as the height adjustment of the carton magazine. The parameters are managed via touch screen. The Speed Former 50 SB Servo carton forming machine is available in the right-hand or left-hand version. It has operation management via Siemens plc with touch screen for setting the format with 30 available memories that can be recalled from the panel. The box is closed with adhesive tape. Machine available with motorized carton magazine up to 1700 mm. The carton forming machine in AISI 304 stainless steel version is available on request.


Misure scatola utilizzate dalla formacartoni automatica
Misure nastro adesivo utilizzato dalla formacartoni automatica

Machine characteristics and parameters

Technical details
  • Maximum Noise: ≤ 75 db
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • AdhesiveTape: Kraft, Polypropylene, PVC
  • Standard Taping head: 50 – 75 mm
  • Working table height: 1040 + 50 mm
  • Installed power: from 1,6 Kw to 3,4 Kw
  • Production capacity: from 30 to 40 boxes / min
  • Air consumption: 7 Nliter / min.
  • Storage capacity: 800 mm (80 – 90 boxes according to box thickness)
Product features
  • Min box dimension: L 250 x W 150 x H 150 mm
  • Max box dimension: L 530 x W 400 x H 400 mm
  • Box type: tipo americano


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Additional information

Machine size

L 2425 x W 1900 x H 1300 – 1450 mm.

Net weight

700 kg

Power supply

380 Volts 3 ph

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

1,20 kW

Air consumption

7 Nlitri/min

Air pressure

6 bar

Box storage

80/90 boxes

Dimension Min. product

L 250 x W 150 x H 150 mm

Max product size

L 530 x W 400 x H 400 mm.

Type of boxes

American type

Formacartoni Speed Former 50SB Servo

Automatic case erector Speed Former 50 SB Servo