Banding machine Easy Band 25-200

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The Easy Band 25-200 La is a simple to use bench banding machine particularly suitable for use in graphic arts, combining multiple products in promotional sales, perfumeries, fruit shops, etc. It is able to guarantee a banding speed of 25 cycles / min and uses 12 mm wide ribbons. Its maximum banding span is W 220 x H 170 mm.


Fascettatrice da banco per utilizzo di nastri in carta o polipropilene con larghezza da 12 mm

Easy Band 25-200, simple and reliable, are part of the range of tabletop automatic banding machines. They can work with paper and polypropylene bands of 12mm width. Manual or automatic functioning by sensor and settings adjustable by color touch screen located on the front of the machine. Both machines have a band roll holder placed at the bottom of machine. They are used in particular in the graphic arts for packing various products for promotional offers, in fruit shops, perfumery etc

Layout fascettatrice Easy band 25-200 con arco interno da W260 x H170


Selecting the automatic mode and just placing the product on the worktable of the banding machine, the banding and sealing cycle is activated by a photocell that reads the product. When the product is removed, the machine re-feeds the band and prepares itself for the next banding. Selecting the manual cycle, the operator starts a manual banding by button. The replacement of the band roll is quick and easy.

Technical details
  • Compact design
  • Coil holder inside the machine
  • Digital display
  • Parameters adjustable by control panel
  • Removable worktable for a fast maintenance
  • Banding head with 24 vcc motors
  • Band tensioning adjustable by screw
  • Manual or automatic banding by sensor
  • Adjustable welding time
  • Adjusttable time between one banding and another (only auto mode)
  • Adjustable out feeding time of the band
  • Language selection
  • The machine complies with CE directives
Caratteristiche del prodotto lavorabile
  • Min. product size: W 30 x H 10 mm.
  • Max. product size: W 220 x H 170 mm.
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Additional information

Machine size

L 382 x W 280 x H 413 mm

Net weight

18 Kg

Power supply

220 Volt

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Production capacity

25 cycles/min

Coil holder


Band type

OPP Film

Band widht

12 mm

Band thickness

120 my

Banding tension

5 – 40 N

Closing system

Heat sealing

Reel internal diameter

40 mm

Coil outer diameter

160 mm

Dimension Min. product

W 30 x H 10 mm

Max product size

W 220 x H 170 mm

Fascettatrice automatica da banco mod. Easy Band 25-200 per nastri da 12 mm

Banding machine Easy Band 25-200