Carton sealer Low Tape 50 SB

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The Low Tape 50 SB is a semiautomatic taping machine created for taping small boxes with a min. of L 130x W 80 x H 90 mm. Simple and practical to use, it requires minimal maintenance.


Semi-automatic Low Tape 50 SB taping machine. Taping of small boxes

The Low Tape 50 SB semiautomatic taping machine is an easy-to-use manual sizing machine, integrated with 2 motorized belts for dragging the box. This taping machine is suitable for taping small format boxes. Simultaneously performs the taping of both the lower and upper part. The final result is a perfect alignment of the flaps ensuring optimal sealing which is carried out by the performing taping heads. The taping machine is equipped with a support surface for the entry of the box, taping heads (fixed) and pivoting wheels to facilitate movement.

Layout nastratrice Low Tape 50 SB

Processing phases

With a new box format, the operator adjusts the height and width of the guides. When the box is on the work surface and pushed towards the entrance of the motorized belts, the upper and lower taping phases of the box take place in an automatic and timed manner, followed by transport to the exit of the box.

Misure scatola utilizzate dalla nastratrice
Adhesive tape used for semiautomatic taping machine

Features and parameters of the taping machine

Technical features
  • Weight taping machine: 130 Kg
  • Power supply: 220 Volts – 50 / 60 Hz
  • Sealing speed: 20 mt / min
  • Max box weight: 30 Kg
  • Machine dimensions: L 1141 x W 788 x H 1600 mm (variabile)
  • Max noise level: ≤ 75 db
  • Adhesive tape: Kraft, Polipropilene, PVC
  • Worktable height: 700 – 820 mm
Prodotto lavorabile
  • Minimum box dimensions: L 130 x W 80 x H 90 mm
  • Maximum box dimensions: L ∞ x W 350 x H 450 mm
  • Type of boxes: American type


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Additional information

Machine size

L 1141 x W 788 x H 1600 mm (variable)

Net weight

130 Kg

Power supply

220 Volt

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

0,4 kW

Adhesive tape

Kraft, polipropilene, pvc

Transfer speed

20 mt/min

Working table height

700 – 820 mm

Dimension Min. product

L 130 x W 80 x H 90 mm

Max product size

L ∞ x W 350 x H 450 mm

Type of boxes

American type

nastratrice semiautomatica low Tape 50 SB

Carton sealer Low Tape 50 SB