Robot wrapping machine Robo Wrap 600B

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The Robo Wrap 600 B model is a self-propelled machine suitable for palletizing loads of any shape, weight and size. Powered by 2 AGV 12 volt batteries, it guarantees a working autonomy of up to 150 pallets. The machine is equipped with a motorized carriage with fixed ratios for the pre-stretch of the film







Pallet wrapping robot for packing palletised loads with motorized prestretch with fixed ratios.

Model Robo Wrap 600 B is a self-propelled stretch-film wrapping robot for palletized loads with different shapes, sizes and weight. It is equipped with a digital color display 7,2” that allows, in a very simple and functional way, to regulate the programs and the wrapping parameters easily.

Controls and security

The movement of the pallet wrapping robot takes place electrically thanks to the 2 controls located on the steering wheel. The self-propelled robot is fitted at the front with a safety bumper that allows the machine to be immediately stopped should it hit an operator or an obstacle.

Features and parameters

  • Mast hinged at the base for easy and quick installation
  • Film carriage by transmission chain
  • Uuseful height 2300 mm
  • High frequency battery charger integrated
  • 2 AGV battery12 volt 120 Ah serial connected
  • Operating temperature range: +0° C to + 40 ° C
  • Mechanical brake or powered prestretch ( 230 – 300%)
  • Ermegency stop in compliance with CE regulations
  • Safety bumper
  • Full charge cycle time of 8 hours
  • Max.speed rotation: 90 m / min
  • Lateral contact wheel with adjustable height
  • Lateral holes for forklifting of the machine
  • Control panel with color 7,2” touch screen
  • Machine controlled by PLC SIEMENS S7/200
  • Indication alarms
  • Pre-stretch film carriage
  • Acoustic wearning and lamp at the cycle start
  • Up to 150 pallets (W 800 x L1200 x 1500 mm )
  • Emergency wheel in case of low battery
Parameters adjustable by control panel:
  • Number of rounds in bottom
  • Number of rounds in top
  • Adjustable speed rotation
  • Carriage ascending speed
  • Carriage descending speed
  • Adjustable tension film
  • Photoeye reading delay adjustable
  • Carriage ascending and descending functions
Parameters adjustable by control panel
  • Cycle ascending and descending
  • Cycle only ascending
  • Top sheet function with top and bottom cycle
  • Cycle with height meter (without photocell)
Functions activated by control panel
  • Dimension min product: L 600 x W 600 mm.
  • Useful height: H 2300 mm.
  • Max weight product: No limit.
Film roll features

Film roll external diameters: 280 mm.

Film roll internal diameter: 76 mm.

Film roll height: 500 mm.

Film roll max weight: 15 Kg.

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Additional information

Machine dimensions

L 1600 x W 1253 x H 2785 mm

Weight machine

450 Kg

Max load weight

No limit

Carriage up-down speed

1,4/5 metri/min

Film pre-stretch

Mechanical brake carriage

Power supply

220 Volt 1Ph

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

1,25 Kw

Max dimension film roll

H 500 mm Ø 280 mm

Film roll max weight

20 Kg

Film roll thickness

12 – 35 (µm)

Photoeye to detect door height




Robot wrapping machine Robo Wrap 600B