Semi-automatic and self-dimension carton sealer Random Tape 50 SB

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The Random tape 50 SB taping machine is a semiautomatic self-adjusting machine that seals with a self-adhesive tape the upper and lower part of the American variable-size boxes. Equipped with inlet and outlet rollers, it is a simple and practical packing station






Self-dimensioning carton sealer Random Tape 50 SB is a simple and practical packing station.

Semi-automatic and self-dimensioning carton sealer which seals the top and bottom of American-type variable size boxes with adhesive tape. The operator squares the boxes, folds the bottom flaps, fills the boxes, folds the top flaps, and then guides them into the machine where the centering/holding unit self-adjust to the box. Box feeding is regulated by two lateral belts. The top and the bottom flaps will be sealed simultaneously. The result is a perfect alignement of the flaps. Machine includes infeed and outfeed rollers and represents a practical and simple packaging station.

  • Weight: 120 kg
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Power supply: 220 Volts 50/60 Hz
  • Environmental humidity conditions ≤ 90%
  • Box transfer speed: 20 mt / min
  • Air Supply: 4-6 kgf / cm2
  • Use temperature : + 0 ° C to + 40 ° C
  • Maximum box weight: 40 kg
  • Maximum Noise: 75 db
  • Electrical Protection: IP 54
  • Tape: Kraft, polypropylene, PVC
  • Standard taping head: 50 – 75 mm
  • Working table height: 590 – 750 mm
  • Installed power: 0,40 Kw
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Additional information

Machine dimensions

L 2000 x W 1060 x H 1300/1550 mm

Net weight

250 Kg.

Power supply

220 Volt

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

0,4 kW

Electrical protection

IP 54

Air pressure

6 bar

Air consumption

7 Nlitri/min

Maximum noise

75 dB

Taping head

50 – 75 mm

Closing system

Top and the bottom

Adhesive tape

Kraft, polipropilene, pvc

Sealing speed

Fino a 15 scatole min

Transfer speed

20 mt/min

Working table height

H 580 – 830 mm

Dimension Min. product

L 150 x W 150 x H 120 mm

Max product size

L ∞ x W 480 x H 500 mm

Type of boxes

American type

Semi-automatic and self-dimension carton sealer Random Tape 50 SB

Semi-automatic and self-dimension carton sealer Random Tape 50 SB