Stainless steel carton sealer Eco Tape 50 SB SS

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Applica una nastratura inferiore e superiore della scatola

La Eco Tape 50 SB SS è una nastratrice semiautomatica in acciaio inox “entry level” per la nastratura di scatole con un formato max di L ∞ W 500 H 480 mm. La macchina può essere utilizzata da operatori non specializzati poiché richiede semplicissime operazioni di regolazione. La macchina può essere ordinata con dimensioni a richiesta.

120 kG





Stainless steel taping machine Eco tape 50 SB SS

The Eco Tape 50 SB SS is a semi-automatic “entry level” stainless steel carton sealer with manual sizing, which seals the bottom and top of fixed-size American-style boxes with self-adhesive tape. The machine can be used by non-specialized operators as it requires very simple adjustment operations. The advancement of the box occurs through two drive belts in the lower part (controlled by two motors), thus ensuring maximum uniformity of sliding. Also available in the non-steel version in the Eco Tape 50 SB model

The result is a perfect alignment of the flaps and therefore an optimal sealing, which is performed by the performing taping heads. “Energy saving” system with timed stopping of the tap-wound drive completed. Fixed taping heads not removable from the machine.
nastratrice semiautomatica
Nastro adesivo nastratrice semiautomatica


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Additional information

Machine dimensions

L 1430 x W 960 x H 1460 – 1580 mm

Net weight

120 Kg

Power supply

220 Volt

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

0,24 kW

Electrical protection

IP 54

Maximum noise

75 dB

Taping head

Standard 50 – 60 mm

Closing system


Adhesive tape

Kraft, polipropilene, pvc

Sealing speed

Fino a 15 scatole min

Transfer speed

22 mt/min

Working table height

H 690/750 mm

Dimension Min. product

L 150 x W 120 x H 100 mm

Max product size

L ∞ x W 500 x H 500 mm

Type of boxes

American type

Stainless steel carton sealer Eco Tape 50 SB SS

Stainless steel carton sealer Eco Tape 50 SB SS