Typhoon HP battery strapping tool without lever

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Typhoon HP battery strapping tool with high performance carries out the tensioning, welding and cutting of the strap using the multifunction button. Uses 13 and 16 mm PP / PET strap. Possibility to work in the automatic, semiautomatic and manual function. It weighs only 3.35 kg. The product comes with a Bosch Professional 18V battery and fast charging charger



Tendireggia Typhoon HP per reggia in PP e PET

Typhoon HP battery strapping tool without lever for strap insertion

The Typhoon HP model is the latest generation battery strapping tool certified and patented for the insertion of the strap without using the lever. With Typhoon HP it is possible to insert, stretch, weld and cut the strap by pressing a multifunction button. It is a handy and compact work tool with an ergonomic grip in non-slip rubber suitable for the industry sector and logistics centers.

Digital functions

The Typhoon HP battery strapping tool is equipped with a digital display with always visible parameters (tension, welding time, battery charge level) from which it is possible to select the automatic, semi-automatic or manual work cycle. It is a high performance strapping tool due to the internal presence of Brushless motors driven by a Bosch Professional 18V lithium battery. fast charging

Tendireggia Typhoon HP per reggia in PP e PET

Typhoon HP Tendireggia a batteria

Dimensioni tendireggia a batteria Typhoon HP

Technical features
  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Strap insertion without the use of levers
  • Small size
  • Uses straps up to 13 – 16 mm
  • Strapping both vertically and horizontally
  • Choice of working method: Automatic, semi-automatic and manual
  • Digital display with parameters always visible (tension, welding time, battery charge level)
  • Ergonomic handle in non-slip rubber
  • Multifunction buttons for strap insertion, tensioning and welding
  • Brushless motors driven by the latest generation lithium-ion battery.
  • Works with PP and PET strap
  • Tensioning from 400 to up to 4200 N
  • Tensioning speed up to 200 mm / sec
  • Vibration welding system
  • Bosch Professional 18V rechargeable battery
  • Latest generation fast-charging lithium-ion battery
Specifica reggia utilizzata
  • Type of strap: PP / PET
  • Strap width: 13 – 16 mm
  • Strap thickness: 0.5 – 1.2 mm
Dati tecnici
  • Power supply: 230 Volts – 50/60 Hz
  • Battery type: 18 V – 4.0 mA / h – Lithium Ion
  • Charging time: 65 minutes
  • Tensioning speed: 100 – 200 mm / sec
  • Closure: Vibration welding
  • Net weight: 3.90 Kg (Excluding the battery)
  • Strapping tool size: L 330 x W 145 x H 145 mm



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Additional information

Battery type

18V – 4.0 mA/h – Ioni di litio

Charging time

65 min.

Tensioning speed

100-200 mm/sec

Strap tension

400 – 4200 N (adjustable)

Strap type


Closing system

Vibration sealing

Strap width

13-16 mm

Strap thickness

0.5 – 1.2

Machine size

L 330 x W 145 x H 145 mm

Net weight

3.90 Kg (compresa batteria)

Typhoon HP battery strapping tool

Typhoon HP battery strapping tool without lever