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The EASY PAPER 50 SB is a manual sizing taping machine that seals the bottom and top of the box using Kraft paper tape with or without reinforced wire. The advancement of the box takes place via 2 motorized side belts which guarantee maximum sliding uniformity.


Semi-automatic taping machine for water-activated kraft paper tape.

EASY PAPER 50 SB is a semiautomatic carton sealer with manual adjustment. It seals the top and the bottom of the box by reinforced gummed Kraft paper. Machine is equipped with side belts and a touch screen controlled by PLC for adjusting all the manual and automatic working operations

Layout nastratrice semiautomatica easy paper 50SB

Taping machine characteristics

The advancement of the box takes place through two lateral belts which move it towards the two taping heads. The taping machine is equipped with an Energy Saving system, therefore the drive of the motorized tapes is activated only when the box comes into contact with a photocell placed under the infeed roller conveyor.

Before the box arrives under the taping heads, these automatically dispense the paper tape, previously wetted by special sponge rollers. The tape is applied to the upper and lower part of the flaps using rubber rollers. The tape is cut automatically by cutters with pneumatic system drive. The end result is a perfect taping of the burglar-proof box.

dimensioni scatole della nastratrice semiautomatiche
caratteristiche nastri adesivi utilizzati dalla nastratrice semiautomatiche

Taping machine characteristics and parameters

Technical characteristics
  • Machine weight: 280 Kg
  • Power supply: 220 Volts – 50 / 60 Hz
  • Working speed: 12 mt / min
  • Air supply: 5 kgf/cm2
  • Machine size: L 1932 x W 1173 x H (Worktable height+790 mm)
  • Max. noise level: ≤ 75 db
  • Emergency button for CE regulations
  • Tape: Wet kraft paper tape (with filament)
  • Tape size: 50 – 75 mm (with or without reinforced Kraft paper)
  • Worktable height: 700- 820 mm
Processable product
  • Min. sealing box size: L 180 x W 130 x H 130 mm
  • max. sealing box size: L ∞ x W 500 x H 480 mm
  • Type of boxes: American type


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Additional information

Machine size

L 1932 x W 1173 x H 1390 – 1610mm

Net weight

280 Kg

Power supply

220 Volt 1Ph

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Air pressure

6 bar

Air consumption

5/6 Nlitri/min.

Adhesive tape

Wet kraft paper tape (with filament)

Transfer speed

12 mt/min

Working table height

700 – 820 mm

Dimension Min. product

L 180 x W 130 x H 130 mm

Max product size

L ∞ x W 500 x H 480 mm

Type of boxes

American type

Nastratrice Easy Paper 50 sb

Taping machine Easy Paper 50 SB