Transit strapping machine, to be inserted in fully automatic packaging lines. They are suitable for strapping packages of any size automatically and without operator. Ability to select the number of strapping and the distance between one strapping and another. Available in the version with worktop with motorized rollers or belts and double pneumatic stabilizer press.

  • Reggiatrice automatica con rulli motorizzati e pressa pneumatica Easy Strap 309RP

    Easy Strap 309RP – 312RP

    Automatic strapping machine with motorized work table and double pneumatic press for the stabilization of the products to be strapped with automatic ejection of a piece of strap at the end of the reel and single, double or multiple strapping system, by means of photocells.

  • Reggiatrice automatica ultr veloce Speed Strap serie RP

    Speed Strap 505RP – 509RP – 512RP

    Automatic strapping machine with motorized steel rollers and double tamper for the stabilization of the products to be strapped. Thanks to its strapping group consisting of high-performance 24volt vcc brushless motors, it characterizes this machine with a strapping speed of 50 cycles / min. Possibility to carry out multiple, double or single strapping through a photocell reader.