Automatic wrapping machine Arm Wrap 2500B

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The Arm Wrap 2500 B model is an automatic machine suitable for medium / high production runs. For its compliance, it can be installed at the end of each automatic production line or as an independent unit. It has a table rotation speed of 15 rpm (rotations per minute). The machine is equipped with a SIEMENS PLC and a 7.2 "color touch screen display.


SUPPLY 1.25 kW





Line pallet wrapper is designed to keep the load immobile and wrap it with stretch film using a mechanical rotating arm

Arm Wrap 2500B is conceived to give the opportunity to keep the pallet still and to stabilize the product using a rotating arm. The machine is suited for medium/high production capacity and for unstable loads. It can be installed at the end of automatic production lines or as separated unit. It is available with infeed and outfeed roller conveyors. Motorizes prestretch system set at 250% with the possibility to interchange manually the pre-stretch ratios up to 300%.The touch screen ensures high flexibility and functionality: easy set up, fault detection and manual setting. The machine is also equipped with the claim, cutting and sealing unit and many other options. Available with safety guards, interlocked doors and infeed and outfeed safety barriers.

Features and parameters

  • Machine structure in painted steel sheet
  • Useful height 2000 mm
  • Environmental humidity conditions: ≤ 90%
  • Operating Temperature range: + 0° C to + 40 ° C
  • Film cut and clamp system
  • Film welding system by temperature controller
  • Arm diameter 1700 mm
  • Height conveyor 450 mm (custom made on request)
  • Motorized pre-stretch set at 250% with possibility to interchange pre-stretch ratios (150, 200, 300%)
  • Ermegency stop in compliance with CE regulations
  • Machine controlled by PLC SIEMENS
  • Film carriage fall protection system
  • Acoustic wearning and lamp at the cycle start
  • Inverter “Schneider”
  • Color 7,2” user-friendly “Siemens” touch screen
  • Contattors and button“Schneider”
  • Sensors“ P + F” Pepperl+fuchs
Parameters adjustable by control panel
  • Number of rounds in bottom
  • Number of rounds in top
  • Adjustable turntable speed from 0 to 22 rpm
  • Carriage ascending and descending speed
  • Photoeye reading delay adjustable
  • Carriage ascending and descending functions
Functions activated by control panel
  • Manual cycle
  • Cycle ascending and descending
  • Cycle ascending and descending “energy saving film mode”
  • Reinforce cycle
  • Top sheet cycle
  • N°08 programmable wrapping cycles
Characteristics of the workable product
  • Dimension max product: L 1000 x W 1200 mm.
  • Useful height: H 2000 mm.
  • Max weight product: 2000 Kg.
Film roll features

Film roll external diameters: 280 mm.

Film roll internal diameter: 76 mm.
Film roll height: 500 mm.
Film roll max weight: 20 Kg.

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Additional information

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Air pressure

6 bar

Machine size
Diameter rotating arm

1700 mm

Velocità rotazione braccio

0 – 20 rpm


Powered pre-stretch film carriage

Product reading

Sandard photocell

Product dimension

L 1000 x W 1200 mm

Max product height

H 2200 mm

Max. product weight

2000 Kg

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Automatic wrapping machine Arm Wrap 2500B