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Automatic strapping machine with pneumatic press model Easy Strap 309P - 312P. Uses 9 or 12 mm PP strap. Robust and compact, designed for general use and medium-high volumes of work. 180° rotating control panel for working on both sides of the machine.


Funzioni della reggiatrice semiautomatica Easy Strap 309P - 312P

Automatic strapping machine with pneumatic press

Automatic strapping machine with operator, Easy Strap 309P is a new generation automatic machine for strapping packages. It works with direct current motors arranged for each function of the machine. More than 30% of mechanical components have been eliminated compared to a traditional strapping machine. Robust and compact strapping machine, designed for general use and medium-high work volumes. 180° rotating control panel to work on both sides of the machine. Strapping pedal to facilitate the start of the cycle. Available in versions with pneumatic stabilizer press.

General characteristics of the strapping machine

The Easy Strap 309P automatic strapping machine uses a 220 V power supply | 1ph | 50/60 Hz and has an adjustable worktop height from H 875 to 975 mm. It has a strapping speed of 40 cycles per minute with a maximum tensioning force adjustable up to 45 Kg. The strapping machine is equipped with four pivoting wheels, two of which with brakes and an easyfast® strap guide disassembly system (without tools). There is also: automatic ejection of a piece of strap at the end of the reel, adjustment of the welding cooling time (COOL TIME), adjustment of the sealing blade temperature, strap cutting cutter, automatic strap loading system, magnetic safety sensors, etc. The strapping machine is available on request with various arc sizes.

Features and parameters of the strapping machine

Technical features
  • Stainless steel working table
  • Pneumatic press
  • Stainless steel safety handle
  • Magnetic safety switches
  • Strapping group with DC motors
  • Automatic strap loading
  • Strap coil holder unlock by button
  • Loop ejection
  • 180° rotating analog control panel
  • Strap cutter device
  • Adjustable working table height
  • Four pivoting wheels, two of them with brake
  • Strapping foot pedal
  • Emergency stop button
  • Automatic strap ejection at the end of the strap coil
  • Re-feed strap system
  • Adjustable cooling time
  • Various arches dimension available
  • Adjustable strapping tensioning by potentiometer
Parameters adjustable from the control panel
  • Weld cooling time adjustment (COOL TIME)
  • Height-adjustable worktop
  • Strap tension adjustment via potentiometer
  • Sealing blade temperature adjustment
Caratteristiche del prodotto lavorabile
  • Max workable product dimensions: L 600 x H 450 mm. (with strapping arch L 650 x H 500)
  • Max product weight: 25 Kg.
Strap roll features

Internal diameter: 200 mm.

External diameter: 400 – 450 mm.

Strap width: 9 – 12 mm.

Strap thickness: 0,45 – 0,65 mm.
Strap type: PP (Polypropylene)



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Additional information

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

0,70 kW

Machine size

L 1240 x W 630 x H 1460 mm.

Dimension strapping arch size

L 1050 x H 1000 mm., L 1050 x H 800 mm, L 1250 x H 1000 mm., L 1250 x H 500 mm., L 1650 x H 600 mm., L 650 x H 500 mm, L 850 x H 500 mm., L 850 x H 600 mm., L 850 x H 800 mm.

Air pressure

6 bar

Strapping speed

40 cycles/min.

Tension strength

0 – 45 Kg

Control panel

Analog control panel

Reel internal diameter

200 mm.

Coil outer diameter

400 – 450 mm.

Strap width

9 – 12 mm

Strap thickness

0,45 – 0,65 mm

Strap type

PP (polypropylene)

Reggiatrice semiautomatica Easy Strap 309P

Easy Strap 309P - 312P