• Reggiatrice automatica Easy Strap 309 - 312

    Easy Strap 309 – 312

    Automatic strapping machine with 180 ° adjustable analogue control panel. Uses 9 or 12 mm PP strap. Automatic strap loading system and bar strapping pedal to facilitate cycle start-up. Ideal for medium to high volumes of work.

  • Reggiatrice semiautomatica Easy Strap 309P

    Easy Strap 309P – 312P

    Automatic strapping machine with pneumatic press and 180° adjustable analogue control panel. Use 9 or 12 mm PP strap. Automatic strap loading system and strapping pedal to facilitate cycle start-up. Ideal for medium-high volumes of work.

  • Reggiatrice automatica speed strap

    Speed Strap 505

    High speed automatic strapping machine with touch settings on display. Ideal for medium to high volumes of work. Uses 5 – 9 or 12 mm PP strap.

  • Reggiatrice automatica da linea Speed Strap 512 R

    Speed Strap 505R – 509R – 512R

    High speed line strapping machine with motorized roller table. It carries out strapping equal to 50 cycles / min and can also be set with the “mode transit” function, without product strapping. High working performance thanks to the strapping group with 24 Volt vcc brushless motors.

  • Reggiatrice automatica ultr veloce Speed Strap serie RP

    Speed Strap 505RP – 509RP – 512RP

    Automatic strapping machine with motorized steel rollers and double tamper for the stabilization of the products to be strapped. Thanks to its strapping group consisting of high-performance 24volt vcc brushless motors, it characterizes this machine with a strapping speed of 50 cycles / min. Possibility to carry out multiple, double or single strapping through a photocell reader.

  • Reggiatrice automatica a tavolo basso Speed Strap serie BL

    Speed Strap 509BL – 512BL

    Automatic strapping machine with low table suitable to be inserted in fully automatic packaging lines with motorized belts. It has a strapping speed of 45 cycles / min. It works with 24 Vdc brushless motors arranged for each function of the machine.

  • Reggiatrice per bancali Pallet Strap T150

    Pallet Strap T150

    Pallet Strap T45 is the semiautomatic strapping machine for strapping pallets. It is complete with a 1000 mm retractable lance to facilitate the insertion of the strap under the pallet with an electronic control system of the strap tensioning force.

  • Eco Strap 501 YSS stainless steel strapping machine for fish products

    Eco Strap 501 YSS

    The Eco Strap 501 YSS is a semi-automatic strapping machine completely made of stainless steel, ideal for use in the food and fish industry. It can support different sizes of polypropylene strap and is simple and practical to use.