Stretch wrapping machine Easy Wrap 2000 A



Easy Wrap 2000 A is semi-automatic wrapping machine for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film.

The film is tensioned by a mechanical clutch (positioned on the reel-holding trolley) which can be manually adjusted by the operator.

Touch monitor

Graphic display

Photocell sensor

Simple assembling

Semi-automatic Easy Wrap 2000 A pallet wrapper with mechanical brake film tensioning

The Easy Wrap 2000 A pallet wrapper is a wrapping machine for palletized loads. Being a semi-automatic wrapping machine, it requires an operator for its operation. The pallet wrapping machine is electrically powered with an energy output of 1 Kw. Film tensioning is done by a mechanical clutch that can be manually adjusted by the operator. Also available as an alternative to this pallet wrapping machine is the Easy Wrap 2000 B with motorized film pre-stretching at fixed ratios.

The new graphic interface user-friendly available now on all Easy Wrap models

The new software and graphic redesign developed for Easy Wrap wrappers will allow even less experienced users to take full advantage of the potential offered by the machine thanks to simple and intuitive work procedures manageable from the new 7.2 color touch display”. SCOPRI DI PIU

La nuova interfaccia dei modelli Easy Wrap

General characteristics of the pallet wrapper

The Easy Wrap 2000 A pallet wrapper has a table diameter of 1500 mm (standard) and can process products with dimensions of L 800 x W 1200 x H 2200 mm, supporting a maximum plate weight of 1500 kg. In addition to the possibility of adjusting the number of film turns on the bottom and top of the pallet, it is also possible to adjust the soft start of the table by inverter. The pallet wrapper is equipped with Siemens PLC and 7.2 color touch screen display.

Layout avvolgipallet 2000A e 2000B

Characteristics and parameters of the winder

Technical characteristics of the pallet wrapper
  • Machine frame made of painted sheet steel
    Hinged column at the base for easy and quick installation
    Reel carriage and turntable transmission with chain kinematics
    Machine management by PLC and 7.2″ color touch screen display
    Safety stop device at the base of the carriage for CE regulations
    Brake engagement/disengagement device to facilitate film engagement at pallet base
    Acoustic and flashing warning device at start of cycle
    Film tensioning by mechanical clutch
    Emergency mushroom for CE regulations
    Machine reset button in operation for CE standards
    Possibility of front/rear machine forking with forklift
    Inverter for progressive start and indexed table stop
    Cycle counter
    Manual machine management mode
Parameters adjustable from control panel
  • Digital adjustment of revolutions at the base of the pallet (cycle start)
  • Digital adjustment of revolutions at the top of the pallet
  • Digital adjustment of revolutions at the base of the pallet (end of cycle)
  • Digital adjustment of table rotation speed from 0 to 12 rpm.
  • Digital adjustment of carriage ascent speed
  • Digital adjustment of carriage descent speed
  • Adjusting number of complete cycles
  • Adjusting table indexing time
  • Digital adjustment of film edge
Cycles selectable from control panel
  • Ascending and descending cycle
  • Only ascending cycle
  • Reinforce cycle at a programmed height (ascending cycle, ascending/descending cycle)
  • Altimeter cycle (pallet height setting) to detect the pallet excluding the photocell
  • Top sheet cycle (ascending/descending)
  • N° 10 programmable cycles by touch screen according to the product/pallet to wrap
  • Max Product Dimensions: W 800 x W 1200 mm.
  • Useful height: H 2200 mm.
  • Max Product Weight: 1500 kg.

Film roll external diameters: 280 mm.

Film roll internal diameter: 76 mm.

Film roll height: 500 mm.

 Film roll max weight: 16 Kg.

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Additional information

Power supply

220 Volt 1Ph

Power supply frequency

50/60 Hz

Installed power

1 Kw

Machine size
Net machine weight

600 Kg

Turntable diameter

1500 mm

Turntable speed

0 – 12 (rpm)


Mechanical brake carriage

Product reading

Sandard photocell

Product dimension

L 1000 x W 1200 mm

Max product height

H 2200 mm

Max. product weight

1500 Kg


Stretch wrapping machine Easy Wrap 2000 A