Vertical powder packaging machine Mini Vert 240 DP

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The innovative solution for packaging a wide range of powdered products. From 1-gram to 10-gram packages, the Mini Vert 240 DP adapts to your needs, with optional auger for dosing up to 50 grams and variable lengths from 40 to 180 millimeters. It meets your packaging needs with efficiency and precision in various industries, from food to medical and cosmetics.

Mini Vert 240 DP vertical powder packaging machine designed for packaging products in the food, medical and other specialty industries

The Mini Vert 240 DP Vertical Packaging Machine is a high-performance automatic machine that finds application in a wide range of fields, including the food, medical and other specialized industries. This multi-purpose machine is the ideal solution for packaging a variety of powdered products, such as coffee, sugar, spices, different types of flour, milk powder, aromatic seasonings, pharmaceuticals and even cosmetic products.

The Mini Vert 240 DP leads the way with its control system, based on a highly reliable Mitsubishi PLC, which is easily operated through an intuitive color touchscreen control panel. This advanced user interface allows the packaging process to be precisely customized to meet the specific needs of the product in question.

General features of the packaging machine

One of the outstanding features of this packaging machine is its versatility in product dosing. The machine can be precisely adjusted to fill packages ranging from 1 gram up to 10 grams of product, and if necessary, an auger can be optionally ordered for dosing from 10 to 50 grams. In addition, the Mini Vert 240 DP can pack products with different lengths, from 40 to 180 millimeters, offering unparalleled flexibility in packaging management.

In a world where efficiency, precision and versatility are critical to success in the packaging industry, the Mini Vert 240 DP Vertical Packaging Machine stands out as a superior choice, ensuring that products are packaged with care and precision, meeting the highest customer expectations and meeting the needs of a wide range of industries.





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Additional information

Power supply

220 Volt 1Ph

Installed power

1,5 Kw

Machine structure

Fully stainless steel SUS 304

Air consumption

0.6 Mpa, 0.3 cbm/min

Machine size

L 1150 x W 900 x H 1700 mm

Net weight

200 Kg

Control system

PLC + Color touch screen

Weighing system


Filling volume

From 1-10 gr | 10-50 gr

Stick size

L 40-170 mm, W 15-120 mm

Production capacity

25-60 packages

Welding and cutting

Smooth or zigzag


Automatic weighing, Code cutting and printing (optional), Filling up, Package forming, Welding

Packaging material

Cellophane / polyethylene, Coupled Aluminum / polyethylene, Coupled with BOPP / polyethylene, Poly-coated paper

Film width

50-240 mm, 50-260 mm

Confezionatrice verticale per polveri

Vertical powder packaging machine Mini Vert 240 DP